Friday, April 28, 2017

Meet Speranza

Meet Speranza. This poor girl was found living by herself near a waste disposal area, malnourished and suffering from skin problems. She had been dumped and left to fend for herself.

As always, Rifugio Fata is full to capacity, but once shelter volunteer Anna Tetro laid eyes on this sweet girl, it was impossible for her to walk away. So, with the help of her husband, Anna managed to rescue Speranza and she brought her to Rifugio Fata to be evaluated.

Speranza means hope in Italian. With her new name, Speranza found hope and a new beginning.

This was her first ride in a car!

And here she is, arriving at Rifugio Fata.

In good hands at last...

The team at Rifugio Fata are working hard to raise the funds to pay for Speranza's vet bill and foster care. Speranza is still a puppy and, with our help, she will surely blossom into a beautiful girl and live the life she deserves.

Please help us to help her. Let's give Speranza her Rifugio Fata transformation!

Any contribution will make a difference. Thank you for your support.

Paypal: Ref. Speranza.

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SWIFT- BIC: BNL II TRR (Click 'dona' to make a donation via the website).

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Help needed! - Rifugio Fata's David


Just like Michelangelo's masterpiece of the same name, Rifugio Fata's David is beautiful and unique! This poor little Yorkshire terrier was spotted by one of the shelter volunteers, tied up with a piece of string with what appeared to be a broken leg.

Apparently he had spent two years languishing in this miserable state. But luckily for David, that was the day his luck changed. The volunteer managed to persuade his heartless owner to hand him over. He was named after the legendary David Bowie and he is now in the loving care of Rifugio Fata!

David got a brand new haircut and he has been taken to the vet. 

The vet said that David broke his leg at some point in the past, but it was never treated, so he has subsequently lost all feeling in it. The only choice left for him was to have it amputated. Rather than keep David waiting while we raise the funds for his bill, the vet kindly performed the operation on Friday, and the good news is that all went well!  

David will now recover in a loving foster home, and once he has healed, he will be ready for adoption. But his vet bill still needs to be paid! The cost of the surgery was 450 Euros. Rifugio Fata's dear friend and fundraiser Katharina Pils-leimer has set up a You Caring campaign to help the shelter cover the cost of giving David a new life. She has raised 90 Euros so far. Can you help?

Rifugio Fata are operating in a very challenging area, and they rely entirely on donations. Thank you to those of you who supported our Secret Santa fundraiser before Christmas. Let's see if we can get David's bill paid, as a thank you to the amazing team who saved him.

David is such a bright spirit in spite of the hardship he has faced, and he will love you furever!  
Please click on Katharina's campaign link below and give whatever you can. Every little bit helps!

Thank you for your support! 

Monday, December 12, 2016

Secret Santa: Double your Donation!


Can you help our friends at Rifugio Fata get into the festive spirit?

It may be the season to be jolly, but the medical bills are piling up at Rifugio Fata, and Francesca and her team are under a lot of pressure to get their four-legged patients the treatment they need. Poor little Dodo here is suffering from a skin issue, and they have just found a tumor which means that she will need further tests. And there are more residents that need our help.

I am pleased to announce that we have been contacted by a 'Secret Santa' who has offered to match any donation that is made to Rifugio Fata THIS WEEK! ...up to a total value of $500. So if we can raise $500, our friends at Rifugio Fata will receive a grand total of $1000! And that will be the best Christmas present ever!

So please join us in supporting this wonderful shelter this Christmas and donate any amount. Remember, if you make a donation THIS WEEK, it will be matched! Let's see if we can get to $500!

You can send your donation by clicking on the donate button on this blog or via paypal: Or through the Rifugio Fata Facebook page:

Thank you!